Top 10 Laptop brands in world that Laptops for You to Choose Among Any Budget

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The PCs, Laptops & laptop notebooks industry is one industry that has surely undergone a lot of improvements in recent times. Progressing from desktop to notebooks and laptops, almost everyone can own a PC today and as such; it is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity to have a branded laptop or notebook. Today, it is now almost impossible to succeed in any field without at least one branded PC or branded Laptop. Laptops are used for work, gaming, movies and a lot more.So today we are going to list Top 10 Laptop makers brands that provides cheap,reliable,durable & best Laptops or notebooks. So today we are going to answer what are the top 10 laptop brands in India ?

It is therefore safe to say that a branded laptop or notebook is a very important part of an individual’s life and it is also crucial to make sure you have the right laptop or notebook for you. Selecting from a range of various most trusted laptop brands is no, mean task; and the laptop brand is a very important than just the specifications and hardware.

The right laptop or notebook brand can give you a certain extent of guarantee that the laptop which you have just bought will stand the test of time and serve you as you want.

Here are the Top 10 Laptop brands that provides cheap & best Laptops in the world

We are starting here from the brand that has least overall score in the above shown list:-
The list of best Laptop brand 2017 are as below

  1. Apple-A Class Apart
  2. DELL: The Quality And top Durable Laptops Brand
  3. Asus-Fantastic all-rounder
  4. Lenovo for the professionals
  5. MSI- Making fun and games a serious business
  6. Hewlett-Packard (HP) –The Best of the Best
  7. Microsoft –We Control Everything
  8. Acer – Performance guaranteed
  9. Samsung– Jack of all trades
  10. Toshiba – Innovative Engineering at Its Best

Before we dig into the discussion of best laptop brands in the world lets have a look on some of best laptops & notebooks from these brands.

1. Apple-A Class Apart

Apple secures 1st place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands that stands for reliability and durability. When it comes to define laptop design, performance and class in a new way the best brand is Apple. The standard and performance of apple laptops are almost known to everyone. As we know that Apple has great fame with another awesome device that is the iPhone. In other words, Apple has become a famous brand in mobile phone market due to iPhone. Apple has changed the definition of listening music with its stunning device that is iPod and has a unique reputation in the world of tablet computers with iPad.

Everybody agrees on that Apple laptops are the most reliable laptop 2017 among all other laptops they are only laptops that run on Mac OS. When you buy a MacBook, you know that it has rare failures or returns. As mentioned above Apple has solid design philosophy. The new MacBook laptops from Air and Pro series are consistently rising thinner and more powerful, but the overall design style rests the same.

The aluminum metal body and closely packed electronics parts of MacBook help to decrease damage and failure chances. The most popular and latest Apple laptops in the market are Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13.3-Inch, MacBook Pro retina display version, MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air MJVG2HN/A 13-inch.

MacBook has some another stunning features too. The keyboards are snappy, pleasant to use, and nearly unbreakable under normal situations. The battery life of MacBook is high as compared to others laptops and it doesn’t suffer from sudden drop-off or fluctuation. Display of MacBook has very high quality and it tends to be rare among displays of laptops from other brands. Apple laptops beat out other laptop brands need of repairs. Customer reports state that a MacBook doesn’t need repairs within the first three years of purchase.

If you want a laptop that looks sleek ,cool & best brand from security purpose than i will recommend that you go for Apple & you can check it’s another laptops here
You can check different topmost models of laptops by apple. So check the vedio which Macbook you should buy:

#2 DELL: The Quality And most durable laptops – best long lasting laptop brand

Today we are going to answer a widely asked question by our users from every filed ie; is Dell a good laptop brand to buy so that I can use it for every purpose in day-to-day life? Dell comes at 2nd place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands. When talking about the use of computers and their durability, dell is one out of a million. Their brand has been so instrumental in ensuring a close relationship between the company and their customers and they have also considered as one of the globally modern pioneers when it comes to computing. This company only struggle to grow based out of USA but is still regard as one of the most popular brand all around the world when it comes to laptop. Dell provides the best online customer service in the world.

Dell is the most preferable laptop brand student love  and this is because of their great performance in collaboration with the unique features that suits their needs. Another outstanding thing about this company is how they respond to their customers with their unique customer support services all over the world.

Their goal is to make sure their buyers are always ready to avail to their services in time of need. With this, they have become more noticeable and very popular among people who rely on their efficiency for smooth running of their works. Many other competitors are finding their way to replace Dell but still they still took their ground as one of the most important brand when it comes to laptops and they still hold to their basis support, tireless innovation, and outstanding services and producing a great product. They have produced very good product like Dell Chromebook 11, Alien ware 17 ANW17-6421SLV and Dell latitude 7440. The most durable dell laptop is Dell Chromebook 11 according to our team.

I myself a great fan of online service provided by Dell & you can also check the Latest products & service provided by Dell Here.
You can check the below video for best dell laptops in 2017

#3 Asus-Fantastic all-rounder – top laptop brands 2017

Asus comes at 3rd place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands that are best in thier own way of providing services to their costumers . Asus provides the extra-reliable laptops at low price. It is one of the most innovative laptop brands in the computer industry. Asus was not well-known in market but now it has been able to growing fast. Asus gives excellent value of money on its laptops and other products. Recently, Asus has jumped into smart phone market and got fame due to design, performance and price of its smartphones.

Laptops by Asus are not only known for good performances. These are also very suitable for gaming and hardcore use. The popular and latest laptops in the market by Asus are Asus Zenbook, ASUS N550JV and the Asus Transformer Book TX300.

One of reasons of popularity of Asus in laptop market is that it provides stunning features and efficient hardware at very reasonable prices as mentioned above. Everyone knows that Asus laptops has become best option for youngsters as well as working professionals. The customer service is above average, but the waiting time can be a bit long and the Web service is slow to respond.

Asus has good laptops & you can check its products here.
For Asus laptops you can check the below video:

#4 Lenovo for the professionals – most reliable laptops brands 2017

Lenovo comes at 4th place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands. Lenovo brand has suddenly come into fashion in recent days. Gone are the days when they had very little influence in the laptops market. Nowadays, Lenovo brands are doing really great for themselves as more and more people are finding a taste in them.  In terms of both mobile phone devices and laptops, Lenovo brand has really taken the market by storm. Its mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops have really picked up quite well on the market.

Another Lenovo brand that has become favorite to many is Lenovo notebooks. Their design and that they are innovative and hence can deliver great performance are some strong features that has seen them on top in the laptops market.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad W540 and Lenovo ThinkPad X240 are some of the top Lenovo laptop brands in the market.The fact that its products are of high quality and great performance at very affordable prices has seen Lenovo find a slot among the top laptop producers brands in the market.

Lenovo offer a range of laptops and if you are thinking of buying one today you can check the wide range of laptops Lenovo have. click here to go to the official site of lenovo
For best laptops from Lenovo yoou can check the below video:

#5 MSI- Making fun and games a serious business -Top 10 Laptop brands

MSI comes at 5th place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands. Gaming is one area in computing world that has greatly grown in the last couple of years. In particular, PC has dominated in this area despite the many consoles released in the past few years. As a matter of fact, none of these consoles has managed to make even a single scratch on the popularity of PC as far as computer gaming is concerned. Easy up gradation, great graphics and compatibility are some of the factors that have seen PC become the top laptop brand for gaming in 2017. As more and more software giants are investing immensely in computer games, gaming has turned into a serious business.

In addition, a gaming device has to satisfy the high quality requirements demands. They should deliver fantastic performance and things like burnouts and overheating should not be experienced. Apart from these, they also need to be attractive to look at. Best gaming laptops are those made by MSI, a company that has gained tremendous popularity around the globe for its quality laptops known for gaming. One of the MSI game series, the G series has become a darling for gamers due to its great performance, amazing graphics and incorporating all that gamers may need from their laptops. Basically, it’s one of the today’s best performing reliable gaming laptop brands in the market.

For detailed information about the wide range of Msi`s gaming laptops check the official site here
For buying a best laptop of MSI you can opt one from the below video :

#6 Hewlett-Packard (HP) –The Best of the Best -Top 10 Laptop brands

HP comes at 6th place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands in 2017. Yesterday i came across a student who asked me that Sir i am Going to buy an Hp notebook or Hp laptop So, is Hp one of the most durable laptop brands ? Hewlett-Packard was one of the first desktops ,laptops & notebook innovators, introducing these devices worldwide.  HP boasts an entire make of products and devices which not only includes computers but also the laptops & notebooks. HP’s diverse product lineup is constructed of an array of new products like new tablets and smart phones. These products, especially the HP tablets seem to be boding quite well on the market.  Sitting among the best on the market of laptops, HP has taken technology seriously, and it shows in their laptops.
HP’s success could be attributed to a whole host of things. However&; the main aspect of their success is a result of them keeping things simple in their laptops. Renowned for their product performance, design and features, HP laptops tend to be a complete consumer package.

To name a few of their top laptops available are the HP Stream 14, HP ZBook 15 and HP Spectre 13 X2, each of which are popular because of their great style and performance. HP seems to have everything. They have a product or device for. So, those looking to get their money’s worth will also get a laptop more tailored to them.

HP doesn’t skimp on providing great performance or outstanding service. One of their best goals as a brand is ensuring worldwide customer satisfaction and happiness leading them to a whole new level of customer care. This certainly places them apart from their competition. Their laptops offer a long life and durability. HP laptops also offer not only great performance but affordability. Simply put, HP is one among the finest laptop brands available when it comes to great laptops. HP strive to live up to their guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Check the official site of HP to one today.
Some Best laptops from Hp are shown inn the below video :

#7 Microsoft –We Control Everything -Best Top 10 Laptop brands in the world

Microsoft is at 7 number in our list of best laptop brands in the world.It is newly added to this list and with it`s latest Surface Book and Surface Pro lines, they have already won the trust and have got good results from the users. Most of the models has the feature of touch support and support windows 10. Their laptops are dependable and functions as advertised. It is a good idea to invest on Microsoft laptops or notebooks.

For more information about Microsoft Laptops you can visit official site of Microsoft Laptops
Providing the full review of best laptop from Microsoft :Microsoft Surface Book – Full Review

#8 Acer – Performance guaranteed- best laptop brands  2017

Acer comes at 8th place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands makers that gives best , cheap reliable laptops & notebooks. Our team at Haterate is up to answer your all queries related to Acer laptop brands. We got lots of queries like is Acer a reliable laptop brand? Acer definitely stands when it comes to performance. They have created a great name for themselves over time and are constantly trying to better their laptops & notebooks. This brand doesn’t offer a vast

variety of products however, they stick to what they know and they do it well. They are now globally recognized and gradually, it is gaining more ground in the world of laptop production. It innovations such as Chromebook is surely an eye-catching product. It is selling globally thanks to its well planned network.

The world today sees Acer as a promising one of the top laptops brands 2017 that has come to stay. Its commitment to always improve their wide range of laptops and its current quality of product as well as its performance makes them one of the leading manufacturers of laptops in the world today.

You can check the various kinds of laptops provided by Acer Here
If you are going to opt acer brand than please stop here to see the best laptops by acer in the below video :

#9 Samsung– Jack of all trades – best laptop brands in india 2017

Samsung comes at 9th place in the list of Top 10  durable Laptop brands of world in 2017 .Today at Haterate we are going to answer the most asked question by our user such that is Samsung a good laptop brand to buy  ? This name is a very popular brand worldwide. They have a range of products and I can say that every home on the planet has at one point or the other used an electronic or gadget made by Samsung. From televisions to air conditioners, to Smartphone, whatever the gadget, Samsung is one of the leading producers.

The fact that they have a very wide range of PC models and types ensures that they always have something for everyone, regardless of financial strength and this is a major reason for their success today. They offer basic or simple products as well as the more advanced ones for those that wish it.

The fantastic setups and lovely designs of laptops as well as the features on offer, makes Samsung one of the most sort after laptop brands in the market today.Best model from Samsung are  Samsung ATIV Book 9 15-inch and Samsung Chromebook 2 .

You can check the full wide range of laptops from Samsung Here.
Here we are presenting top 5 best laptops from samsung

10. Toshiba – Innovative Engineering at Its Best – top most popular laptop brands
in india

Toshiba comes at 10th place in the list of Top 10 Laptop brands of world in 2017 .Today we are going to answer two questions together ie; is toshiba is good laptop brand and why it is a good among the most reliable laptop brands 2017? With its wide range of great products, Toshiba is proving itself to be the brand name when it comes to Japanese manufacturer. Over time, it has steadily moved up the ranks by manufacturing high-quality Laptops. Toshiba, as we have come to expect, maintains its products excellence. This sets them apart from the competition. And that is a good thing.

Toshiba`s gorgeous designs and awesome technology have a reputation for its best laptops & notebooks.  And it is for that reason that they have been international pioneers in the breakthroughs of great technology. Toshiba long-lasting laptops stand behind their outstanding performance. Both of these qualities lands them among the best laptop providing brands. At the top of the list a few popular models by Toshiba which are the Toshiba Kirabook, Toshiba Qosmio X75, and the Toshiba Satellite P55t.

Toshiba manages to lead by example as one of the primary innovators producing amazing brands of laptops for its consumers. Laptops from Toshiba are perfect for individuals who want the premium tech that comes with the best reliable brand names available. Toshiba Kirabook is my own favorite laptop from toshiba. The expected rate of Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i7-Touch Ultrabook is around 95,940. Yet the launch date of Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i7-Touch Ultrabook is not known. If you want to check out the best laptop by toshibha in india than you can search ” toshiba kirabook india ” in new tab.

You can check the full wide range of laptops from Toshiba Here.
We are providing you a video of best laptops from Toshiba if you ever have a mind set to buy one laptop from toshiba:

 The Bottom Line :

Everybody has one or two reason of buying a laptop. Either for work, TV shows, to watch movies or playing game. But whatever might be the reason you want to get a laptop, select the best Laptop.

Putting also the brand trust worthiness is another thing as one can’t work or cope with a laptop that doesn’t meet one’s requirements when buying a laptop, be careful to make the right choice and most importantly the brand you go with because the confidence you Have in a good brand can go beyond compare. The life of a laptop Is it brand so go with the brand you think will fill up your request. According to us dell & apple are most reliable laptop manufacturers

So it was the list of Top 10 Laptop brands that are most reliable, durable & can be trusted. We hope that it will help you to get the right laptop.Hopefully our list can prove useful for you. And if you feel as though we missed one, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Just leave us a comment below in the comment section. We want to hear from you. So this was the list of top 10 laptop brands in india . So this was our opinion for best laptop brands to buy today in india or world.We hope you liked our best laptop brand list and will recommend to others & don`t forgot to share on social media.So this was best top 10 laptops brand in our view.

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