Moto G Turbo Edition Specification,features, Cost & Review in India

moto g turbo price in india

Today we are here to present Moto G Turbo edition review. Motorola now acquired by Lenovo has been thriving to find its place in the budget segment of Smartphone market since the arrival of Chinese giants such as Xiaomi, Coolpad, Asus and so on. Motorola’s Moto G series has been highly successful in last two years and the company has extended its roster with the Moto G Turbo Edition. It is an upgraded version of Moto G 3 and both the phones are nearly same except for the increased processor, RAM and storage along with the TurboPower feature for fast charging.
Release Date –
The phone was released in November, 2015
Price of Moto G Turbo Edition –
You can buy the Moto G Turbo Edition online at around 10K from both Amazon and Flipkart.

Specifications & Features of Moto G Turbo Edition–

  • Design –

The Moto G Turbo doesn’t appear much different from the Moto G 3 in measurement and weight. The black version has a very neat grey-blue back panel which has a rubbery finish that offers a solid grip, and there’s also a slight swirl in the pattern which was straight in the previous android phones. All these things makes the phone one of the most attractive and well-built smartphone in this low price bracket.

  • Camera –

Both the 13 MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 5 MP front shooter perform decently even in low light situations which is great to see at the price. The photos has good sharpness with enough ambient light and manageable noise. The video recording was very good and the 720p slow motion videos also come out really well. The autofocus works quickly and accurately.

  • Performance –

Motorola certainly does not have killer specifications but it’s good enough for most users. The performance is quite smooth and there’s no noticeable lags. Playing games and watching videos is a pleasure on this android phone. Besides this the sound quality of the speakers is loud and mostly clear.

What We Liked in Moto G Turbo Edition :–

  • The smartphone has got great design and build quality and the beautiful back cover gives nice feeling.
  • The 5 inch HD screen is rich in terms of colours and bright enough under the sunlight also.
  • With the Snapdragon 615 processor and 2 GB RAM it can smoothly perform daily tasks and you can run heavy games like Asphalt 8 without any frame drop.
  • The phone is dust and water resistant which is great at the price.
  • Both the 13 MP back and 5 MP front camera work well in outdoors and in low light also which is great at the price point.
  • The 2470 mAh battery can give you 1 day of regular use.
  • The Turbo Charging feature charges the phone really quick and the battery reaches 100% in 90 minutes.
  • The Audio quality from the speakers and the earpiece is good.
  • There are not much bloatware and it gives you stock Android experience.
  • The phone has the Ambient light sensor for better display visibility according to the surroundings and it supports OTG too.

What Could Be Better in Moto G Turbo Edition :–

  • The battery drains very fast when using the Wi-Fi and 4G for long time.
  • The device has the heating issue while playing heavy games, charging and using 4G or Wi-Fi.
  • There’s no USB cable in the box and the headphones given in the box are of cheap quality.
  • There’s no Fingerprint sensor and NFC which are common now in this price range.
  • There are no notification LED and no physical navigation keys but it has on screen buttons.
  • The phone doesn’t support tap to wake up and voice wake up commands.
  • The phone is thick and feels heavy in the hand.
  • Cost of the device could be a bit less so that it can be available for the low budget users also.

Wrap Up –

The Moto G Turbo is one of the most reliable device you can get in this price range with smooth performance, sturdy design, decent camera and good battery. The Turbo charging feature along with water and dust resistance are good enough to seal the seal. But you certainly can’t ignore the fact that in recent times there are phones like Redmi Note 3 are launched which offer full HD display, fingerprint sensor, NFC and other amazing features at the same price.

At last we can say that the Moto G Turbo is an improvement over the previous version but it’s not enough to put Motorola to the top of the hill. Still the smartphone is a sensible choice to buy and you won’t regret purchasing this android based smart phone.

You can check the features in the below video also of review moto g turbo

For more information about Motorola Moto Turbo Edition  visit the official page  of Motorola Moto Turbo Edition .

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