Microsoft Lumia 540 Specification,Cost,Features & Review

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Here is the review of Microsoft Lumia 540. After the takeover of Microsoft over Nokia there is an increase in the number of Lumia smartphones. There are more models launching and the gap between launches is also reduced and most of the models are launched targeting the lower end of market. This increase in the variety means that the customers have more choices available because this has been the reason why the Android phones being so successful because they have so much to offer under Rs. 10,000. The Lumia 540 looks identical to Lumia 535 with a better display, improved camera and priced Rs. 1,000 more than its predecessor.

Launched April, 2015

Price of Microsoft Lumia 540 The Microsoft Lumia 540 is available on  Snapdeal for Rs. 8100

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What We Liked about Microsoft Lumia 540

  • The phone doesn’t look like a budget phone because of the awesome material and build quality.
  • The phone sports a good 5 inch HD 720p display with wide viewing angles and nice visibility under sunlight.
  • It has a nice camera and the images are sharp, clear and have vibrant color reproduction.
  • The Microsoft Lumia 540 has very good call quality and the earpiece is loud and clear.
  • The phone performs well without hanging and you will hardly notice any while navigating through the UI.
  • The battery life is decent and will get you through one day of moderate use easily.
  • It has Cortana the voice assistant which is great.

What Needs Improvement in Microsoft Lumia 540

  • No HD video recording and maximum resolution for video is 480p at 30 fps.
  • The screen doesn’t have any protection such as Gorilla glass.
  • The performance is not that great in running high end games.
  • It also doesn’t have 4G connectivity.
  • There are not as many apps in windows store as you can get in an android phone.
  • The camera is not too impressive in low light.
  • The pixel density should have been higher as android phones.
  • USB tethering is not possible in the phone and there is no data cable.

Features & Specifications of Microsoft Lumia 540

Look & Feel 
These days all the smartphones look almost same and not many phones manage to stand out. The Microsoft Lumia 540 is one of them which has a unique luminous rear cover. The phone is available in many colors such as electric blue, orange, white and matte black. The material used and the construction quality is amazing and makes the phone more valuable. The 5 inch screen also looks great which has sharp and bright colors and it looks good even in direct sunlight.

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The Microsoft Lumia 540 is loaded with 1GB RAM and 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor. Despite being powered by relatively lower processor the phone performs without hanging and multitasking is smooth enough. It is also up-gradable to Windows 10.

Verdict –

The Microsoft Lumia 540 dual Sim is overall a good phone. The dual-gloss design of the phone makes it stand apart and the selfie camera is a bonus also. It has a few shortcomings with no HD video recording and its camera performance in low light. But it has more positives then negatives which is good but if you are fine with the Android phones also then you can look for other options also in android devices.
You can also see the below video for unboxing of Microsoft Lumia 540

For more information you can the official page of Microsoft Lumia 540.

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