Laptop Accessories: List of 15 must have Laptop Accessories 2017

laptop accessories list

The miracle of the microchip has evolved continuously, offering us solutions and applications which has both made our life easier and much more flexible.So today at Haterate we are going to give you a List of 15 must have awesome Laptop Accessories kit as well as you can say it coolest gaming accessories for laptops , Macbooks & PC,  which will be very helpful when you are working on your office project or college presentation which you have to present tomorrow. Today when you want to shop, you no longer have to drive to your local grocer – you can simply logon online via laptop and order the stuff you want, want to rent a movie?

No need to visit the local store – stream one online from your laptop or even buy one to stream or download latter. Even banking transactions have been made easier, just logon and transfer funds or pay a bill online through your laptop. As we consider laptop ram,laptop charger,laptop keyboard,laptop screen,laptop motherboard while buying it similarly we should buy these essential accessory to use our laptop/PC/Mac book with much ease.Below is our list of best laptop accessories with its price.

However as the use grows, so does the need for better and much more improved machines. Not only that but also ultrabook accessories as well that complement each function which you do on your laptop. Think of it, how many times have you had to remove data so you can download more? Isn’t it a hassles! Or how many times have you thought that it was annoying to slide your finger across the mouse pad or even if you had a mouse you probably spend time untangling the wires than getting real use out of it. Now you should no more worry that weather your laptop is looking cool with cool laptop accessory kit or not as the list will help you to answer the question how to make my laptop look cool?

And the list keeps growing and growing! Well no more, because we’ve gathered together a list of top line cool laptop gadgets which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Must Have Awesome Laptop Accessories for 2017 :

#15 Laptop Case/Bag

A laptop case/Bag is one of the best Macbook pro must have accessories for 2017. A laptop without a bag is like a fish without water.

If you have a great computing device but have saved on a high-end laptop bag, it’s highly anticipated that your device may fall apart soon!

Having spent thousands of dollars on a laptop, you would certainly want it to be with you for years. And, for this, you need to have one of the most essential laptop accessories for macbook pro —A Laptop Carrying Case or Bag.

Not only can you use this bag to hold all the paraphernalia that go with it but your travel also becomes easier with it.

Regardless of whether you are a backpacker or a travelling businessperson, a laptop bag is a must have desk accessories for you.This Laptop Cover is very essential to protect your laptop from Dirt.

You can get a Clublaptop Reversible 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve in around 500 Indian rs.

#14 USB Mouse

A USB mouse is at 2nd place in our list of Must have awesome Laptop Accessories for 2017.

Although laptops are known for their high-end track-pads, most people still prefer to use a mouse for clicking and scrolling purposes. It is very essential from gaming point of view.Today everyone want laptop usb accessories ie; the accessory that is used with their laptop using USB.

If you’ve been using laptop for a time now, you must have felt the need for a USB mouse. Well, that’s true, computing becomes lightning fast with a mouse in your hands. Under the section “best laptop gaming accessories” a USB mouse comes at first place.

From compiling reports, doing homework to playing games, everything becomes a cakewalk with a real USB mouse.


Price of a USB Mouse is around 200-300 Indian Rs. at Amazon.

#13 Stereo Headset

Talk of Must have awesome Laptop Accessories for 2017 and headsets don’t get listed…Impossible!!

Whether you are a hardcore music fan or an avid movie buff or a busy video-editor, one thing that makes your life easier is a stereo headset.You can also go for laptop speakers if you are high volume music lovers.

Watch your favorite movies, tune into your best music and indulge in some great video-editing without disturbing someone sitting next to you at home or workplace.

So, get one today for yourself and do some good to you as well as others around J.

A good quality stereo handset Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones (White) can be purchased in just 600- 700 Indian Rs

#12 External Hard Drive 

Today when we have more data and less space on our laptops so a Laptop Hard Drive has secured 3rd place in our Must have useful Laptop Accessories for 2017 list.

You create & gather a lot of data in your day to day life and a person`s worst nightmare is to lost anything of it especially the things that can change his/her life drastically. A hard disk drive can be beneficial for you to back up your photos,music & any other things that may be related to your day to day life. There are different versions of HDD available in the market. The western digital My passport is my personal favorite as it provide automatic backup & comes with password protection.

#11 Cool USB Drive

Today we don`t know when we like something that our friend have on their PC and you want to have it now for yours Macbook/PC/Laptop that`s why we had put at 4th place in our list of Must have top Laptop Accessories for 2017.

petite-sized storage device, USB drive is one of the best gaming laptop accessories 2017 you can have. Though relatively small in capacity, this device helps you move files like a breeze between two PCs.

For instance, if you want to move an important report from your laptop to your business partner’s computer, a USB drive can help you do it easily and instantly.

Additionally, it serves as a superb temporary backup means for files you prepare on the move.

You can buy a SanDisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50-016G-135 16GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive in under 600 Rs. at Amazon/Flikart Store.

#10 Laptop Cleaning Kit

There are persons who don`t want to have dirt on their laptops and the laptop cleaning kit is the Must have Laptop Accessories for 2017 for those people. This Laptop cleaning kitincludes laptop screen cleaner spray and a special purpose pad.Laptop Screen/display and your PC Monitor can be protected from dirt using this cleaning kit.

While many may not consider cleaning their laptops as big a task, it is important that you keep your devices spic and span.

Not only will it keep your screens clear but will also keep the keyboard free from dirt and dust. As a result, you can read the contents on the screen easily and keep your fingers free from any allergy or infection that may develop over time!

Counted among the most essential laptop accessories by pros, the cleaning kit boasts of high-quality cleaning wipes, cleaning gels, microfiber cloths and much more depending on the brand.

#9 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 

Dorm rooms never have enough outlets. Where will you plug in all of your electronics? You need a power strip that accommodates bulky power adapters. So this 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip is a coolest Laptop Accessories for 2017 for you to buy so that next time you should not think that where should I plug this device now.

The Kensington SmartSockets circular power strip and surge protector  will keep your gear juiced up.Laptop power supply,Laptop power cords and Laptop adapters can be plugged into this.

#8 Efficient Laptop inverters 

Here is the thing, laptop power inverters convert the input main supply of 110/220 volts to gadget-usable 12 volts. Laptops cannot bear direct supplies of 110/220 volts from the mains as they run at 12 Volts. If it so happens that you were unable to charge your laptop at home, power inverterscan save you. They will charge your laptop efficiently as though you were charging directly from the wall. Whether you are in the car driving or about to catch a flight, (mostly business class) worry not because you can directly recharge your inverter through the 12V power socket that’s available in them. This is one of the best laptop peripherals that comes under coolest laptop accessory for 2017 to have .

As a precautionary measure, your power inverter should have a slightly higher power wattage than your gadget or laptop. This will create an efficient power gradient between the two devices while charging. For example, if the AC connector of your laptop is sitting at 60W, then your inverter should be higher. The inverter should be 90W or more. This is one of the best accessories for laptop.

You can buy a good quality Laptop Inverter at Amazon.

#7 Laptop cable Locks

If you have lots of cables that you want to manage than Laptop cable Locks are the true coolest must have laptop accessory for 2017 to keep yourself managed.

Nowadays, you can use a wire lock to secure your laptops. One end of the lock will be attached to your laptop device while the other will be attached to another surface, such as a table that has hooks.  Once the laptop is locked up, it can’t be easily stolen without unlocking it with the key. The lock doesn’t entirely stop a burglary from taking place, but rather hinders the process. Making it a bit more cumbersome for robbers to steal your device because it is very difficult to cut the lock mechanically. Frequent visitors to public spaces such as Cafes, Libraries and Book Shops can benefit immensely from using these locks to prevent easy thefts.Cable Locks are available at amazon such that on Cheap

#6 Movable Wireless USB-Plugged Laptop Mouse

Best Lenovo Mouse

Laptop touch pads can be sensitive. The surface coating of touch pads are at times made from hazardous material.

The continuous and prolonged use of your touch pad will eventually make it sticky and grimy, making it uncomfortable and this will surely irritate you.So Wireless Mouse is one of the best laptop accessories for gamers

Best Dell Mouse

You may think that you can easily replace the touch pad. Take note though, touch pad replacements are not the best option because you need a specialist who knows what they are doing to even think of changing it. Instead of going through that laborious process, rather get yourself a portable USB Mouse.

Plus a portable mouse is very easy to use, you can plug it into the USB port of your laptop and enjoy a smoother and more pleasant experience, without harming your touchpad or your finger. On top of that they come in a variety of cool colors. Who wouldn’t want one!

#5 Convenient Printer

If you are travel geek than in your checklist of must have laptop accessory for 2017 Convenient portable Printer should be at the top. Portable printers are extremely handy for people who are always on the go. You could be a tourist, a photographer or salesmen. Portable printers make your life easier and make printing on the spot possible no matter where you are. HP and Canonare the pioneers in manufacturing excellent convenient printers. In order for them to work they just need a laptop or a power source then you are good to go! Naturally printing will not be at the same speed as when you are in the office working off a big powerful printer. However they are effective enough and will get the job done. Some of the best multipurpose printers have built-in Bluetooth and Infrared operated wireless printing facility.

A Good quality Convenient printer can be purchased from Amazon or Flipkart.

#4 Wi-Fi Finder

Today Wi-Fi finder is one of the top Laptop Accessories for  2017.Many of you will benefit from A Wi-Fi discoverer. These little gadgets can help you find an adjacent hotspot with just a push of a button. Even more impressive is that you have no need for your laptop to even identify the remote system, although some laptops deo actually have Wi-Fi discoverers assembled in so you can recognize a 802.11 remote hotspot without ever having to turn on the notepad.

#3 Portable Webcam

No laptop is complete without a cool portable webcam, especially when attempting to stay in contact with family, friends, and even business associates, whether out and about or home on your couch. Obviously, not all laptops come equipped with webcams, so a versatile webcam can be incredibly useful and convenient. For a standard business meeting Portable Webcam is a Must have electronic Laptop gadget for 2017.

Many different organizations make amazing webcams, however, we are partial to the Logitech webcams. No matter which brand you choose, you will receive a webcam planned for an assortment of  features, such as videoconferencing and sending video emails. In addition, webcams will allow you to video chat through programs such as Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Ambassador, to name a few.

#2 USB Notebook Light

An invaluable travel companion is a USB Notebook Light for your  portable PC or phone. phone. These USB lights fit into most tablet and phone USB ports as well as laptop USB ports. The energy transmitted through the USB port provides enough power for the light to work, providing you with the extra light needed to complete your project while on the go. Some of the special features include flexibility of the arm to offer angles light when needed, dimmer control to calibrate  the splenfour, and the ability to last up to 100,000 hours.   The cost is extremely affordable at about $20 for an average USB light. If you are are person who is fond of working at late night than this USB Notebook Light is the great USB device you must buy for your laptop today.

#1 M Stand Laptop Stand

An M Stand can be your most important accessory. It raises your scratch pad or laptop to the best level to avoid eye strain. In addition, its aluminum board is a cooler for your laptop to avoid overheating while in use. Furthermore, if you are not otherwise on a flat surface, the M Stand provides a stable and secure platform to rest your laptop while in use. M stand laptop stand is a must have laptop accessories for 2017 if you use your Mac book/Laptop for very long time because it will help you to avoid the excessive heat.Laptop cooling pad or laptop fans can be used to cool down the laptop processor.

A quality laptop stand from Zebronics ie; Zebronics LS4800 Laptop Cooling Pad (White)has a Low cost.


Do you have a laptop and often feel the need to have some added features to ease your work?

Well, these added features are coined as ‘laptop accessories’. While these extras come at a price, they certainly make computing a child’s play.These are also the top 15 must have gaming pc accessories.So these were the so called laptop gears you must have computer accessories if you are really a gaming lover.You can easily find these new laptop accessories on amazon at very cheap prizes.If you are a person who are electronics gadgets lover than these were the must have electronics for 2017.One can buy computer peripherals from all the online store as well as from offline stores.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s quickly take a dig at 5 essential laptop accessoriesyou should own:

Having a laptop without these accessories is like having armour without the weapon. These accessories help make sure your laptop is proficient and efficient. These are more than a must have pc accessories, they are a MUST Buy!
For more The Best Laptop / Notebook Accessories! you can watch the below video

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