Clash of Clans Hack: The Secret Truth- free gems & cheats

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There is specific information you should take into consideration if you want to download any Clash of Clans Hacks: firstly, be sure of your position. Secondly, what do you want in exchange for more gems — elixir or gold?  Whichever tool you use or try to use, make sure you are careful while at it.

There are more options than you can ever imagine if you are seeking for Clash of Clans hack– even the downloads and also the online version, that claims they have hacked into the servers and utilized the opportunity to  deliver free gems, elixir and gold.

This sounds great because most of this them could give you result in a matter of minutes.

So many names abound for Clash of Clans Hacks; they may be called Clash of the Clans Resource Generator which can deliver supplies or perhaps in-app purchases. Furthermore, there are others that claim they offer a no survey or download needed, but you will eventually end up giving up something in return for those free gems.

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Whatever course of action you intend to carry out—using Clash of Clans cheats or hacks for more gems, gold or elixir—it might be imperative to read the information below before you  go ahead and enter your account details.

Clash of Clans Hacks

You must enter personal information for all the tools and hacks of clash of clans we’ve come across. It may be similar to a survey where you have to share your email address, home address and later on, complete offers which requires purchase to be made or a request for a Google Play account and so on.

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With regards to Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans, they remain the only source if you want to buy gems and they further provided a list that will help you get free gems without a hack. Furthermore, they issued out a stern warning that only iTunes and Google Play are the two designated online places to get more gems.

It might interest you to know that all effort at getting free gems has hit a brick wall. We put our hands on the hack, the Resource Generator and hack no survey needed, but the requirement was too much to handle. For the online version, I was required to share login information or enter a survey and complete the survey offers.

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The option to download which usually works on any computer, does not work with Mac and has files that we barely use with a Window PC. Again, a survey needs to be filled out for us to gain access.

We tried all manner of username; all came back as a valid name during the “check” phase. It is an indication that none of this is actually does anything.

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It would be better to forfeit Clash of Clans hacks and embrace a legit medium to get more gems rather than go for the filling out of surveys, sharing of your information or spending of $5.


Supercell does specify that if you make use of third party tool to buy gems that they will not render any assistance in the event you fail to get it.

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Additionally, they also state quite clearly that they can ban you for flouting their rules as you attempt to make a purchase from outside source.

Losing Your Account

Your login information should never be given out no matter the circumstance for either iTunes or Google Play. If that happens, that could cost you dearly and you may lose access to your account. More so, unauthorized purchases could be made with your account by merely changing the password and subsequently make purchases with your linked credit card. It is also possible to lose access to your Gmail account in the event you share your Google Play information.

Attempting to use any of these options may put your email at risk or iTunes account.

Let you leave with an mind blowing video from clash of clans:

You can download the clash of clans game for your PC.

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