6 Best Xbox One Racing Games of 2017 that will Capture your Imagination and Attention

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Are you looking for a fun best Xbox One racing game ? Many great games have come out for the Xbox One since its launch in 2013. As we head into 2016, let’s take a look at the best Xbox One racing games currently available.

6. NEED FOR SPEED: RIVALS – Best Xbox One Racing Games

Need for Speed: Rivals came out in November 2013 as a launch title for the Xbox One.

In Rivals, you choose whether you want to play as a Racer or a Cop. While each side has the same core gameplay, they have different features and styles. There are many different gadgets and abilities you can use to gain the advantage.

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No matter which faction you pick, you can advance your career by completing certain objectives. These goals vary depending on whether you’re a Racer or a Cop. As you develop the story and level up, new content will become available to you.

If single-player isn’t your thing, Rivals has multiplayer options as well. Not only are there online leaderboard, but you can also join your friends for either cooperative or competitive races.

It’s set in an open world and brings its setting to life through dynamic weather effects and beautiful graphics. There are also numerous ways for you to customize your vehicle, both practical and purely aesthetic.

While the reaction to the game was mostly positive, it did see some criticism as well. Some players felt its content became repetitive and linear while others encountered difficulty with the AI.

The minimum requirements includes: Windows XP/Windows Vista (SP2)/Windows 7; an Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.6 GHz Athlon X2 CPU; 4 GB of RAM; 30 GB HDD space; an AMD Radeon 3870 512 MB or better, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB or better, Intel HD 4000 Integrated 512 MB or better; DirectX 10.1 compatibility; a keyboard and mouse (obviously); and a 512 Kbps or faster internet connection.

The recommended requirements includes Windows XP/Windows Vista (SP2)/Windows 7 although Windows 8 64-bit comes recommended; an Intel Quad Core CPU or AMD Duo Core CPU; 8 GB of RAM; 30 GB of HDD space; AMD Radeon 7870 3 GB or better, Nvidia GeForce GT660 3 GB or better; DirectX 11 compatibility; 512 Kbps or faster internet connection; and a keyboard and mouse.

Need for Speed: Rivals currently has a Metacritic score of 75.

5. FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 – Best Xbox One Racing Games

Another racing launch title for the Xbox One was the fifth entry in the Forza Motorsport series. This game from Turn 10 Studios was the first in the series to feature an entirely original score, rather than licensed songs.

It has both single-player and multiplayer modes, with an experience system that gives you a sense of progression as you play. One feature which makes the game’s single-player stand out is the presence of “Drivatars,” AI avatars with behavior patterned after other players. These Drivatars enter your single-player races if you have an online connection, and help make it feel like your competitors are alive.

It was highly praised for its style and graphics, as well as its AI. However, some fans felt it didn’t have enough content compared to previous entries in the series. Turn 10 released additional cars and tracks later on as downloadable content, but still didn’t avoid this criticism.

Forza Motorsport 5 currently has a Metacritic score of 79.

4. TRIALS FUSION – Best Xbox One Racing Games

Stepping away from traditional car-based racers, we have Trials Fusion, which Red Lynx and Ubisoft released in April 2014. It’s the fifth game in the Trials series and puts you in control of a motorcycle.

Trials Fusion is a physics-based game, so you must use the rider’s weights to perform stunts like wheelies, stoppies, and flips. Your goal is to navigate through numerous obstacles to making it to the end of each stage. While the game can be difficult, fans praised the addictiveness of trying to get through each course and maximize their scores.

A multiplayer function lets you race against other players, and there is also a track editor for creative players who want to design their courses. However, the editor received some criticism for not being user-friendly.

Other criticisms came for it not being a significant departure from the gameplay of the previous Trials game, which made it feel stale to some players. On the other hand, players who loved the Trials formula found nothing wrong with more of the same.

If you’re looking for something other than traditional racing games and like the idea of performing stunts and dodging obstacles, this is a game to consider.

Trials Fusion currently has a Metacritic score of 80.

3. Metacritic Project Cars- Best Xbox One Racing Games

Project Cars was one of the most highly anticipated racing games leading up to its May 2015 release. Developer Slightly Mad Studios hoped to set its game apart from competitors by focusing more on realism.

Therefore, the game puts players in an open sandbox, with all tracks and vehicles accessible from the start. Unlike other racing games, where you’ll focus on collecting and customizing your cars, this game puts all its emphasis on actually racing. It also features races that last multiple days, complete with changes in the weather and time, and realistic physics simulation for driving.

Nevertheless, other graphic elements—such as the need for sponsorship in a career mode—were excluded, which some players felt made the single-player mode dull and repetitive.

Aside from that, some confusing elements, and difficulties with the AI, Project Cars was very well-received. The racing itself was considered stable and quite enjoyable, and it did well to distinguish itself from other racing game. It isn’t so innovative as to alter the genre forever, but (much like Trials Fusion), it’s a different sort of game for racing fans who want a change of pace. This is the best xbox one games metacritic.

Sadly, the Xbox One version was buggier than other versions when it came out, but many of these issues have since been patched. Project Cars currently has a Metacritic score of 81.

2. FORZA HORIZON 2 – Best xbox one multiplayer racing games

In September 2014, the Xbox One received its second Forza game—this time the second game in the Forza Horizon series, developed by Playground Games.

Unlike the main Forza Motorsport series, the Horizon spin-offs are set during the open world “Horizon Festival.” In Forza Horizon 2, this festival is set in parts of France and Italy. Although you’re required to complete races and events to progress the game, the setting also encourages exploration. There is both a day/night cycle and weather effects.

Aside from the basic single-player gameplay, Forza Horizon 2 also has numerous challenges for players to complete, an online mode where players can meet online to show off their cars, and, of course, an online multiplayer racing mode with numerous game types to pick from.

All of these features won the game a lot of praise, and it’s considered one of the best racing experiences on the Xbox One. The racing, exploration, and multiplayer are all solid and enjoyable.

In December 2014, an expansion called Storm Island was released, which added new vehicles, events, weather effects, and more. Storm Island was also well-received. While it also received a standalone expansion as a tie-in promotion for The Fast and the Furious, fans found much more to criticize with that, and it isn’t considered nearly as good as other games on this list.

Forza Horizon 2 currently has a Metacritic score of 86. Its expansion Storm Island has a score of 82.

1.FORZA MOTORSPORT 6 – Best Xbox One Racing Games

That’s right, we aren’t done with the Forza series yet. Arguably the best Xbox One racing game, Forza Motorsport 6 came out in September 2015 to high praise.

While its core racing gameplay is the same as previous games in the series, it fixed the mistakes of its predecessor. Forza Motorsport 5 was criticized for a lack of content, but Forza Motorsport 6 has more tracks, over twice as many cars, and a single-player mode that can provide 70 hours of gameplay. There are also several multiplayer modes to pick from.

Meanwhile, praised features from the previous game returned, such as the Drivatars. Even Drivatars have improved, with an option that lets players choose whether these racers will have consistent behavior or sometimes make unpredictable moves.

The game also introduced weather effects that have more than a visual effect. Driving through rain can cause problems like skidding or hydroplaning.

Overall, players and critics both praised it for the improvements it made over the previous game. Not everyone enjoyed the weather effects and career mode, but most people welcomed the amount of content, improved Drivatars, and overall gameplay. It’s considered one of a complete Xbox One racing games.

Forza Motorsport 6 currently has a Metacritic score of 87.

Other upcoming Xbox One racing games for 2016 include Trackmania Turbo, FlatOut 4, Project Cars 2, Space Dust Racers, Dirt Rally, Valentino Rossi: The Game, and many more. How will they stack up compared to the likes of Trials Fusion, Forza Motorsport 6, and all the others on this list? Only time will tell. So these were the best racing games xbox one.

It’s a great time for racing fans. Which Xbox One racing games are your favorites?

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