Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy stated below will outline the way of We will gather, save, maintain, utilize and reveal information collected from users visiting this digital platform. This privacy policy is relevant to the website as a whole as well as any individual service or product recorded on the site.

Personal Identification:

HateRateIndia will request for personal identification details from its visitors only to lend them engaging user experiences and enhance its content according to their tastes. Under no conditions will an individual(s) be compelled to reveal his/her personal details without his/her permission. The visitors are entirely free to refuse any such call for personal information. However, in this scenario they may or may not enjoy the full range of things that occur on our website—

Non-personal Identification Details:

When a user visits our site, it will aggregate all the information except the personal details of the user. From the kind of search engine or browser used, the type of device (such as PC, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop) used, the internet connection used to the kind of Operating System used on the device by the user, our site will aggregate all this non-personal information.

Browser Cookies:

HateRateIndia has been using cookies to boost the overall user experience. These cookies are put on the hard disk of an active device that helps these sites to track user(s) choices and interests over a period. Besides, they are also helpful in record keeping. Our site will also behave in the same fashion and position cookies on your computer’s hard disk for similar purposes.

For those who want to keep away from cookies being saved can modify their web browser choice to say ‘no’ to cookies. However, in this case, few functions of our site may or may not work correctly.

How we use your information:

The may use the aggregated information or data in the given below manner:

  1. To improve user experience: As we know that the choices and interests differ from individual to individual and to lend our users with comfortable browsing experience, our team may exploit the aggregated data to improve the different services and aspects of our site.
  2. To send emails routinely: Users who have subscribed to our newsletters or mailing list or any other feature will get emails periodically about our services, products, developments, information updates and so on. If at any point of time you want to opt-out of these emails, you can just click on the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of each mail we send you. You may also get in touch with us to the given email address.
  3. Running promotions, tests, ad campaigns and more: Our team members may utilize the gathered data from users to organize ad campaigns or promotional activities that involve notifying them on activities they might be interested in.
  4. To develop the website completely: We may also utilize the gathered details to lift the current aspects and functions of our site exhaustively.

Protection of Users’ Information:

Our website gives a high preference to the information collected by users. We follow the best industry practices in order to give the highest level of protection to the users. We therefore ensure that the user information such as username, transactions, and passwords remain with us safely and that no body can get access to this private information.

No Sharing Of Personal Information

All the personal information that is collected by HateRateIndia is strictly not shared with anyone. The information collected is used to improve the overall experience of the users and keep the visitors thoroughly engaged. With credentials stored, it is ensured that the personal information is therefore saved but not shared. The site might share certain basic information such as country and city but not any other. The main aim of sharing this information is to improve the products and services for the users.


Even though we share advertisements on third party websites such as (enter site here), these advertisements are only delivered to users through emails. There might be cookies saved but other than the non-personal information, nothing is shared. This therefore allows the advertisers to post the ads on the users interest and preference. Therefore our privacy policy does not save the setting of cookies that are set by the advertisers.

Third Party Websites

We do have third party websites advertising on our websites and therefore one might come across different contents that are available on the website. For such advertisements then, we will not be held responsible for any malfunction. These third party websites are always changing and therefore there might be different customer service policy and privacy. Any privacy matter related to these will not be our responsibility. We one take care of matters that are related directly to our website and not otherwise.

Alterations To Privacy Policy

Moreover, we might also be changing our privacy policy from time to time. We however will not be notifying our users about these changes. The users will get to know about the changes only when they are updated on the site. Therefore we recommend our users to visit the website often in order to view any changes and modifications about the privacy policy. It is important to do this so that you know exactly what is going on and to be updated regarded our latest matters. It will not be our responsibility if the users forget to view the privacy policy.

Automatic Acceptance To Our Privacy

Last but not the least, when you use (enter site here), you will automatically be accepting all our terms and conditions and everything that is mentioned in the privacy policy. If you do not agree with the terms then you will be requested to leave the website right away. If you are still using the website, it means that you are in agreement with the privacy policy and any alterations that you make to it.

We at ensure our users safety and privacy by ensuring that they are always protected in their own right.