Ultimate Smartphones Buying Guide : How to choose your Dream Smartphone

Today’s Indian market is flooded with tons of smartphone models available on Amazon and Flipkart. If you are planning to change your smartphone and don’t know which one to choose, then this article is for you. We want to help you a little by selecting among the best models and above indicated what steps you should know when it comes to buying a mobile that is able to adapt to your needs.

Buying a affordable mobile having rich features is a very common mission for all of us today, although not always easy. Good pretty and cheap. We want to have everything, and in the world of technology, nobody gives you anything. From HateRateIndia we spend the day watching mobiles, talking about the characteristics of one and the other and analyzing them that which are best for you. However when buying, quality/price ratio is the most important. We are here to present you  Best Smartphones Buying Guide 2017 and beyond so that you can decide quickly that which mobile phone you can buy today.

That is not a how to buy a cheap smartphone guide. We are going to give you pieces of advice and ideas so that when you are going to look for a smartphone, you are sure that you have made a good purchase. There is no accurate method. I mean that paying around 20000 for a mid-range is not a good idea. And sometimes in cheap mobiles, one or two thousand rupees make a significant difference.

We hope you will also share some of your ideas with us, sure future buyers will appreciate it.

Smartphones Buying Guide 2017

Operating System

One of the first factors to take into account when purchasing our smartphone is to choose a model that has a good operating system. The Android apps, downloading and sharing files, reading documents, accessing the internet, playing games all of this we can do with a smartphone. Having a good operating system will run smoothly, or the device ends up hanging or not responding.

There are several operating systems in the technology market. Android as well as iOs being the first most used mobile OS in the world for the simple reason that it is available for a greater number of models Phone. While iOs is the exclusive system used in Apple iPhones.

Android is a good operating system, but like any other system, it should be up to date if we want our phone to work 100%. Make sure that the mobile you buy has the latest version of your operating system or that allows updates to it. At present, we can tell you that if you buy an Android phone in its version “Kit Kat” or the latest, “Lollipop,” you will have a model with which allow you to do everything without problems.

Branded or Non-Branded

The eternal dilemma. Google takes out an Android version every two for three and is a headache for brands to always be up to date. There are manufacturers like Motorola who have converted their update policy is one of the aspects that characterize it, however that is almost always with recent models.

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

When you buy a mobile look at the version you are in and if you have the update to Lollipop promised. From here we recommend that you DO NOT buy a mobile with a version older than Android 4.4 KitKat. We have a list of your Favorite Brand Samsung, Check Samsung Smartphones under 15000.


So what we have to do is, choose our smartphones depending upon operating system as well as on the memory capacity we are going to store.

1GB of RAM. If you are going to buy a mobile in 2017 it is forbidden to have less. Even on 7000 free mobiles we already have that amount of memory.

It is preferable to have 2GB since Android consumes enough memory to have many applications open. To get 2GB we should leave close to 14000 rs, although this varies a lot of time and the manufacturer.

Choose Smartphone Based on Prices:

Budget is the big factor whenever we go out to buy some thing. This is the thing that we always keep in mind while purchasing a product because we have to choose our product according to our pocket. The choice of our mobile also very determined by its price. If we do not have a budget, it is easy to opt for one that we like without more. But what happens when we want a good mobile for less than 10,000 INR? The availability of models is much varied, so we have to know what is the best choice among the various within our reach.

In recent years brands such as Apple, Samsung or LG have been imposed on smartphone issues. Truth is that 2017 is the boom of Chinese phones that mimic the models of the brands mentioned above, with the (Or almost) benefits and being more economical.

It may not sound like anything but Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo or OnePlus, but the truth is that all of them already impose on sales for consumers looking to have a good phone but also not as expensive as the latest model of HTC One. In India, the sale of mobile phones by Chinese brands has grown 370% in the last year.

  • Smartphone Below 10,000: 2017 has improved a lot. Finally, we have cool designs, a multi-core processor capable and a screen with high quality HD resolution. Our first tip is that if you are looking for a cheap mobile phone try to buy a new one. Don’t worry, we have a list of best smartphone under 10,000 Rs in India you.
  • Smartphone Below 15,000:
  • Smartphone Below 20,000:
  • Smartphone Below 25,000:
  • Smartphone Below 30,000:

Choose a mobile based on its size:

Size is another factor to take into account in our guide to know what mobile we can buy.  If we have a look at trending smartphone on Amazon and Flipkart, we check how more and more people are buying large devices. Big androids allow us to see contents on a large screen without any problem and take photos with an excellent image quality.

Those known as “phablets” is the union between a smartphone and a tablet. Brands like Samsung has interesting models in this regard that may allow you to join work, fun, and functionality in a single device.

Now if you are looking for a phone that you can say is “normal” in terms of its size, think that it will not get you off of having a screen below 5 inches.

Latest Vs Little Older

In the mid-range, try that the mobile has appeared this year. Most manufacturers have come up with new models. LG has made a leap of quality imitating the designs of its LG G3 but in cheap version, Samsung is slowly reducing its available catalog and although they are still somewhat expensive the results are good. Sony this year begins to offer water resistance in its mid-range models.

In addition, a newly introduced model means that there are many more possibilities to update to the latest version of Android, something that will allow you to enjoy the latest news from Google and avoid compatibility problems.

Have 4G

Bah, I do not need that. Would you say the same thing if you do not have 4G? If you are going to buy a decent smartphone and want to last a few years, it is very important that it is compatible with the 4G / LTE networks. After lunch if Jio in India, Having 4G in smartphone is almost essential if you use Internet. First thing is because Jio is 4G only network and second thing is that, most of competitor companies also providing 4G only plans which you won’t wanna miss.

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

Some very famous mobiles like the Motorola Moto G or Moto E have presented models with 4G this year. If you plan to make one of them, we recommend that you bet on new models compatible with LTE. You may not see the difference now, but with the rise of video, games and streaming 4G connections will become increasingly important.

Design Matters

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

If you want a cheap, good but especially nice cell phone there are also options for you. More and more manufacturers are creating carefully designed designs for all budgets.

The ultra-thin terminals are the 2015 fashion in the mid-range, metallic edges, back covers of all materials and a minimum weight that will disappear in your pocket. If you want a reference number we will tell you that less than 7mm thick is already considered thin.

Another important detail to consider is the size. Do you want a smartphone or a phablet? It is one of the first questions that you must answer. If you want a large 5.5 “display device, check that the top and bottom edges are not gigantic.

Watch out for Chinese software

Continuing with the previous point. We have seen many models with very good hardware and a price of heart attack. Where is the problem of that Chinese mobile? Mainly it’s a matter of software.

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

The Chinese layers are often neglected, some models come with Android 4.2 (unforgivable and problematic for security stuff) and there is no optimization . Although the processor has several cores and the layer is almost stock, it is missing a lot of work to get everything going like silk. According to new report by a famous website these a piece of software running in these android phone using a unknown number to send user’s personal data directly to the Chinese servers in every 72 hours.

If you also plan to put a ROM you should look at the community that exists around that model and think that creating a ROM for a specific MediaTek processor is more difficult than for a common Snapdragon.

Take Advantage of Discounts

There are a lot in India that is competing against Amazon by providing aggressive offers. Your service depends on the internal shop from which you buy, but the several times we have gone there has worked perfectly.

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

Its operation is simple. We have an official price to which we can apply a discount code that usually oscillates between 8% and 15%. Look for various offers offered by different sites because a 5% discount can also save your many rupees.

If you are looking to save money on your next smartphone purchase, we advise you to find out when you can take advantage of the discount coupon. Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are leading stores in India and they come up with aggressive prices and offers on festivals, new year and other occasions.

Flee from old-known brand models such as the Galaxy Core X.

Did you have a Galaxy Mini and then went to a Nexus? That feeling of having a mobile that goes on pedals compared to one that works. The users that we have more time in Android, we know what it is and we do not recommend it to anyone.

After this little exaggeration we reaffirm ourselves in the advice: Escape cheap old models. We know that the economic situation is not exactly the best and that many are just looking for a “WhatsApp mobile”. But once you start to use the smartphone every day you realize its potential and the utility that has to spend something more.

We do not talk about going straight for a high end, not all users need it. But in 2017 there are many alternatives: there are the Moto E, there are the Mini versions (for less than 15000 rs), there are the OnePlus One, the Xiaomi … there are many interesting models. We insist once more that we have to look beyond the mobiles offered by the operators.

Do not buy a high end mobile just when you go out

Best Smartphones Buying Guide

Except if you have money left over, you want to have the last of the latter or you have some hidden reason. Exit prices for high-end mobile phones are simply disproportionate. Paying 50000 rs for a terminal that months later will cost 15000 rs less does not have much justification.

Regarding last year’s high range, the best date was just after the MWC. The mobiles of 50000 rs of 2016 can be bought since the beginning of the year for 20000 rs , less than half. On the other hand there are terminals like Nexus or OnePlus that have not gone down in price.

Learn more tricks to buy a cheap mobile in comments

These are our advices, now we need yours to turn this small space into a useful guide for navigators and potential buyers. What is your trick to buy a good, nice and cheap mobile? We also hope that by providing your feedback you can help us in improving and if you give suggestions you can help the future buyers.