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10 Best Smart Phones under 20000 Rs

There are companies that bring out new mobile phones every single year and this can make it incredibly difficult for you to keep track of what is good and what isn’t. On top of this, you also need to think about what phone you can afford and if it is worth the extra money to […]

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Best smartphones under Rs 12000 in India

Today at Hate Rate we are going to answer a most asked question by our users that is which is the Best smartphones under Rs 12000 in India and also what features & specs do they have that makes them best mobile phone under 12K tag.We are up with a list of the best android […]

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Top 10 Samsung mobile phones under Rs. 15000 Available at Online Stores (2017)

Here at HataRate we are providing you a List of Top 10 Samsung mobile phones under Rs. 15000 in India.  Today the business of Samsung is growing day by day in the market of android based mobile phones. There are some Smart phones under the tag of 15K which is boasting Samsung to top the […]

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Top 10 Android Phones below 10000 Rs

In the not too distant past, Smartphones with high resolution cameras, fast processors and plenty of ram were only affordable to those who were willing to spend a bundle. So if you are looking for best cell phone under 10000 than i am sure you will be confused as technology is continuously changing. People with […]

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5 best Smart Phones below 30000 Rs

Nowadays smartphones are something which has become inseparable part of people’s lives, and the temptation of having a smartphone is reaching zenith among elite people as well as middle-class people, but then comes the prices reaching peak point, here middle class come disappointed and take a step back, but what if I tell you, that […]

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6 Best Xbox One Racing Games of 2017 that will Capture your Imagination and Attention

Are you looking for a fun best Xbox One racing game ? Many great games have come out for the Xbox One since its launch in 2013. As we head into 2016, let’s take a look at the best Xbox One racing games currently available. 6. NEED FOR SPEED: RIVALS – Best Xbox One Racing […]

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10 Best Laptops Under 25000 buy one in 2017

Here at Hate Rate our team is up to present you a list of best laptops under 25000 in India 2017. More and more desktop computer folks have made the switch – going to a laptop instead. And, it’s no real big surprise as to why. They’re portable, inexpensive and efficient. these best laptops can […]

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